Posted by: Dante Sangria | December 2, 2008

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Episode 7 – “Liar”

NOTE: This episode isn’t subbed yet as far as I know, so I had to settle for the RAW and my clumsy Japanese skills. And of course, to read about it afterward, just to make sure I was interpreting things correctly. ^^” (Which I’m proud of myself in mostly doing so….)

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The episode begins when Inuo Atsushi transfers to a neighboring class of Mikage Yuzuki’s. He gains popularity relatively fast, especially in sports and with the girls. He had to transfer because of his sick mother, who had to move here, and his father was busy in Tokyo due to work. Thus, Atsushi is left to take care of his mother. (One can’t help but notice Atsushi’s crazy-looking eyes.)

Atsushi’s mother, however, isn’t really ill: She’s separated from her husband, but is afraid of how she will be treated if this is known, and thus keeps it a secret.

Later during the episode, a friend of Atsushi’s approaches him sensing something is wrong (one other to notice, of course, is Yuzuki), and Atsushi tells him everything. His friend (Washizu – had to look up the name…) suggested he tell everyone, particularly a teacher, but Atsushi denies it. Afterward, Atsushi comes back home and his mother suspects something happened, deathly afraid (and basically driven insane at the mere thought) that Atsushi had told someone the truth. Atsushi accesses Jigoku Tsuushin that night.

Later, Atsushi returns to school and realizes that the secret is out. Suspecting Washizu, Atsushi discovers that his mother revealed the secret by carelessly seeing men, denying that she has a kid (which she obviously does). Washizu discovers Atsushi’s straw doll while they argue about how to deal with his situation, but they end up following Atsushi’s mother, discovering what she has been doing.

Driving Atsushi to near insanity, it’s Washizu that’s sent to hell. Of course, it’s the mother that’s doing the wrong, but Atsushi is fed up with Washizu’s incessant pestering about how the situation actually should be dealt with.


Firstly, they have to kill that butterfly-ish sequence that they have to show – in glorious full-length – each time before Jigoku Shoujo “Ippen, shinde miru?”. So I skip it. Not too bad. Maybe it’s a marketing scheme of the “almost-fanservice” type.

Anyways, as for this episode, it’s standard fare and quite predictable. Well, okay, I’ll admit that Washizu getting sent to hell surprised me quite a bit. Hopefully Yuzuki starts doing something about what she’s seeing, like Tsugumi and Hajime (Who I hope make a cameo. Hajime was awesome….). At this rate, she probably will, but no one would believe her. Despite this, perhaps these people will start acting more mature so that we don’t see a repitition of “Lovely Hills” or the episode with Candy and Junko.

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  1. AWESOME. im new and have mad appreciation for anime and such!! how do i subscribe to your blog? im new by the way…check me out sometime…u know like my blog…wow :3

  2. Hey man, at the top you should see a bar that says Blog Info > Subscribe To Blog. Alternatively you can just bookmark me. =) I’ll definitely be posting more updates to the series and other such things, as I’m interested in a lot of anime and Asian (particularly Japanese) music, shows and such.


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  3. thanks man! will do!

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