Posted by: Dante Sangria | December 2, 2008

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Episode 9 – “Lost Inari”

NOTE: Another unsubbed episode. Hopefully this satisfies you if you’re wondering what the gist of the episode was. =) Yes, no review for Episode 8, ‘cause you could find that on another blog that hasn’t done episode 9 yet. XD

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I found this episode to be rather interesting, probably because the character’s background. Kokkuri Inao, a girl at Yuzuki’s school into spiritualism and witchcraft, supposedly can fortune-tell using divinities and such. The episode opens with Kokkori and classmates with a fortune-telling device and setup reminiscent of an Ouija board (…lack of a better comparison, sorry), and Hone Onna arrives, interrupting them because it is time to leave school.

A friend asks Kokkuri to curse an annoying teacher, asking her to contact her divinities. They believe in her abilities, but Kokkuri expresses doubt at being able to. As luck would have it, the teacher accidentally trips down a set of stairs, making it look like the curse worked – her friend, of course, is pleased by this and Kokkuri is surprised when she finds out it worked. Rumor quickly spreads about Kokkuri’s seemingly amazing abilities, comparing her to Jigoku Shoujo.

Jigoku Tsuushin On Demand Impressed by her abilities, a senpai approaches her to ask for a favor. She asks Kokkuri to kill her apparently quite-troublesome stalker. After many days of trial and unsuccessful (yet highly exhaustive) attempts at killing the stalker, the senpai grows frustrated and believes Kokkuri can’t do it. After one such attempt involving running up and down steps to a shrine about 100 times, Kokkuri is driven nearly crazy when she discovers her victim isn’t dead, finally accesses Jigoku Tsuushin on her cell phone. (I guess she went to such extremes because, as we see in the episode, she has issues with not being accepted, or something.)

Kokkuri is also the first one dumb enough to pull the red string without listening to Jigoku Shoujo. At least it shortened the sequence, which reminds me that there was no butterfly sequence. I must’ve been enjoying it too much to notice.


Kokkuri discovers the person she sent to hell was not her senpai’s stalker, and that she was tricked. Poor Kokkuri.

[End of episode, in case you were wondering.]


Another somewhat unexpected twist of irony, perhaps. But we all knew that Kokkuri’s efforts would be in vain, however as for the victim not being her senpai’s stalker it was kind of a surprise in that it seems rather thrown-in-at-the-last-minute, like finding out there was a cockroach (Or a finger!) in a sandwich you ate only after you’ve eaten it.

Also I’m glad to see that Jigoku Tsuushin’s technology is being updated – cell phones are now a typical access method. (See the ad above. Yes, I made it, so don’t go too harsh on me >_< Haha.)

Yuzuki still hasn’t done or said anything, or tried to stop the red string from being pulled (a la Hajime and Tsugumi – who I miss because they actually did something about Jigoku Shoujo when they noticed it), but perhaps this’ll spark the popularity of Jigoku Tsuushin, a person having used it who was known to be into such things? Probably not….

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  1. This was one hell of a messed up episode! This also violates all the rules of the straw doll, despite the fact that her senpai had a doll Jigoku shoujo gave another doll to this kokkuri girl (Jigoku shoujo Cannot give multiple dolls of the same person as seen in that election mayor episode of season 2)
    Secondly, she never hated that guy so how did she access the jigoku tssushin???
    Also why did her senpai get a doll when she was just creeped out by that guy not hated him -_-
    Summarising neither of the girls hated the guy but both got the doll.
    All sucks….

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