Posted by: Dante Sangria | December 12, 2008

To Aru Majutsu no Index Episode 10: Onee-Sama Misaka Mikoto

NOTE: Just started this series, and I love it! The science and religion/magic theme isn’t new – it’s been going on since the Enlightenment (well, minus the magic), but certainly a nice spin for anime. (We’re not talking about Sea Org status, here). And they do it well, despite that their aim isn’t… realism/accuracy. Caught up with this anime already and I can’t wait for the new episode to be released!

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As the title suggests, this episode deals with Misaka Mikoto and her “sister,” so bear with me here as I try to sufficiently distinguish the two with redundant name repetitions. =P At the beginning of the episode a girl is seen trying to snipe a mysterious character with a seemingly 50-cal rifle, reminiscent of Gunslinger Girl. Yet for some reason this weapon’s rate of fire greatly exceeds… what I would expect – she could’ve chosen something better, in my opinion. Heh. Anyways, the attempt fails as the mysterious figure dodges the attack, and as this familiar-looking girl tries to escape she is confronted. OP song starts here, kind of holding us in suspense.

Touma, on his way to his make-up-make-up lessons, is thirsty and his 2,000¥ gets eaten by the vending machine. Mikoto throws him aside, giving Touma the impression that they know each other. Apparently, he realizes, he had a hard time remembering her name to begin with despite the fact he once defeated her somehow, and luckily she repeats it for him (or, rather, not luckily… haha). She shows her “cheating technique,” (whereupon we notice the distinguishing characteristic that she wears shorts underneath her skirt) and kicks the machine for a can of juice. Touma explains how it ate his money, shaking his hips around in a frustrated (yet seemingly… very… disturbing manner) as she schemingly laughs. Using her electric powers, she obtains quite a few cans for him. As they sit down to drink, her self-proclaimed “herald” arrives (more like a fanatic, an advisor, an agent, or a combination of the above, but mostly a nuisance to Mikoto), thinking of gossiping but is then threatened by Mikoto and her electric powers.

Mikoto’s “sister” arrives, who is apparently also called Misaka. Alarmed and a bit ticked off, Mikoto (Misaka No.1 ) storms away with her. Immediately, if we haven’t noticed before, the difference between the Misaka’s eyes and the monotone voice and emotionless expressions of the other (which is probably why she refers to herself in the third person, using descriptive dialogue to express emotion rather than facial or vocal expressions). Probably a robot or something.

Touma walks back home, but runs into Misaka No. 2 after he falls and drops his cans. He notices that Misaka is now wearing panties (because he’s lying on the ground), which he realizes distinguish this Misaka from her sister.(And her goggles distinguish her as well, which help her see electromagnetic forces or something. Apparently, as perceptive as Touma is, he doesn’t notice the eyes….) She helps him carry the cans home, and then helps kill the fleas (oh no!) on Sphinx as Index shouts at him for going around with a strange girl again. Afterward we notice something strange about “Misaka,” who then departs….

The next day during a make-up class, the teacher brings up Misaka as an example of hard work that has brought her to a high Esper level, and seems surprised that Touma has hinted he may possibly know her. Apparently she’s more famous than we know at this point….? On his way back from classes, he runs into Mikoto who is also headed home. She vaguely complains about how the world is run by machines such as the the world’s most powerful supercomputer, hits Touma and runs home. (It’s about here I finally realize that their ideal green electric source is wind… I feel dumb: windmills are everywhere here.)

Trekking back home Touma runs again into her – well, Misaka No. 2, rather (the goggles). Apparently having a soft spot for cats, she convinces him to take care of another abandoned cat lest it be taken to an animal shelter. However, her body supposedly emits a magnetic field that humans are immune to, but cats are not. (Futuristically, I think they’d have regulations/rules about what kinds of… fields people are allowed to glow off their bodies if it got to such a point, haha.) They walk together to a bookstore where Misaka (No. 2) waits outside with the cat.

Suddenly Misaka No. 2 notices a presence behind her: the mysterious figure from earlier, whom she apparently escaped with her life. Leaving the cat, we see them in an alley where gunshots are heard as Misaka flies back from a kick or something. The mysterious white-haired guy asks her who the strongest Level 5 in the Academy City is, and the episode ends. (Episode preview seems interesting, too watch it!!!)


I kind of already know where the Misaka thing goes, but it’s still yet to be fleshed out. Kind of mysterious, also we’re left hanging as to who this character is and why they have anything to do with Level 5 (or the most powerful) Espers, or magic, or whatnot. Mikoto (and her sister) is probably going to develop into a main protagonist, or else they wouldn’t have an episode basically devoted to her (well, mostly her “sister”). I suppose, also, it’s safe to assume Himegami Aisa is living with them…? (I honestly hope this doesn’t open up opportunities for harem-like subplots. Even the triangle in Shakugan no Shana was bad enough, unfortunately.) Despite that, the plot seems to open up as Touma discovers more about those around him, and the events introducing new and mysterious characters unfold.

Sorry for the length of this post! I hope you read it all the way to the end. If you did, you get a cookie! XD

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