Posted by: Dante Sangria | December 16, 2008

To Aru Majutsu no Index 11: Sisters

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Misaka No.2  escapes into an ally after the previous episod’e’s ending, pursued by the mysterious character we saw before, who easily defeats her again. (And we discover his powers are to manipulate the vectors of forces, defaulting to reflecting them.) Touma discovers the body of Misaka, and, horrified, he contacts the police after vomiting, who close off the area and go to find the body. However, he discovers the body is missing (despite the shoes, no longer covered in blood, and bullet casings replaced by broken glass….).

TMisaka Buy One Get One Free Adouma is confronted by Misaka No. 2 carrying a bag, and apologizes for thinking she was dead. She confirms, in fact, that she is/was dead. He realizes the possibility that inside the bag is the body, and a second (and soon third) Misaka confirm that it’s part of the cleanup, and that the cat wasn’t intended to be part of the fight, and they apologizing for worrying him unnecessarily. They are all Misaka. He discovers that they are clones, “Sisters,” and that they all have shared memories across a network. Touma then realizes that Mikoto knows about these clones, and visits her dorm room. However, he finds her… roommate, or bodyguard, or whatever she may be called. She yells at him and deems his visit suspicious, asking if they had done anything inappropriate, but it seems Mikoto isn’t back. So he stays in the room during a brief conversation where we hear gossip from her roommate (who we deem to be younger) that she has many enemies and such, perhaps due to her extreme power level. Soon, Touma ends up hiding under the bed when the (dean/supervisor) enters the room to inform the girl that it’s time for dinner, and that both she and Mikoto will be penalized if Mikoto is late. (The girls’s teleport didn’t work, and it’s assumed it’s because Touma’s right hand canceled it.)

While under the bed, Touma sees a giant teddy bear with a pocket with a document regarding the Clones. Apparently their mission is to help someone achieve Level 6, only attainable by one person, and battles are being set up between the Misaka clones in order to help this person attain Level 6. Touma leaves hurriedly to find Mikoto, and follows her by way of wind turbines that are turning due to her electromagnetic powers (because there’s no wind at the time).


Well, at least it’s cleared up that the Misaka No. 2 is really a clone. Well, a lot of them. And they’re set up in order to let some badass Level 5 become a Level 6, or something like that. Looks like Touma’s going to do something about it next episode, because the fight’s probably gotten around to Mikoto. I guess. But we also know that Mikoto has some enemies because of her power level. Next episode will probably be another continuation, and I like where the Misaka arc is going. Generally, but there’s just too many clones. I wonder what would’ve happened to Touma for the false alarm, too, but I guess that’s not important.

We didn’t see much of Index in this episode, which is fine, because she’s turning out to be a lot more… childish than the first few episodes before Touma lost his memory. I hope she returns to that state, because her character type is too common if it continues in this trend. But I guess I don’t have much to complain about: the one scene she was in was kind of a comic relief.

Overall I’m liking the direction here. We can probably see some of what’s going to happen, but so far this series seems capable of pulling a couple interesting surprises (if I’ll call them “surprises” although they’re sometimes predictable) here and there. So until December 20th, when the next episode is released, we can only wait in anxious speculation. Hehe.

For this winter 2008 anime season, I haven’t been watching too many new anime aside from Jigoku Shoujo and To Aru Majutsu no Index, but this series (a new one, after all, unlike Jigoku Shoujo) has fairly fresh arcs incorporated into it. For some reason, it’s reminding me of Kaze no Stigma. (Can anyone tell me why, though? I can’t figure it out – is it’ ‘cause Misaka is so mean, like Ayano was to Kazuma? Well, maybe not that bad.)

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