Posted by: Dante Sangria | December 18, 2008

Daily Find #3: Headlines of the Future – HDCP, DRM and RIAA

Originally at (3rd post from the bottom):

MacGyver @ Dec 19th 2005 1:02AM

Headlines: Of the future……

Rapist released early for good behavior, speaks out on how bad the 8 months were.

Teen murders 26 classmates in school shootout.

New York� man goes to jail for 50 years, under newly revised DMCA�. Still claims “I am not in control of all my proteins, how was I to know some were copyrighted?”

Ad: Are you using copyrighted DNA, get tested with a friend for half off, only at 7-11�.

High school math teacher to stand trial for teaching freshmen decryption algorithms. Claims “It was just math!”

The 85 year old woman arrested today, claims “I didn’t know it was illegal for me to remove the sticker!” Disney� seeks $150,000 in damages, cites “Ignorance of the law is no defense”

Sony� believes 12 year old in Spain� may have copied a CD for a friend; U.S. RIAA� officers seek extradition.

Have a Happy 140th Mickey Mouse�.

Mickey Mouse� is a registered trademark of Disney�, Buena vista�, and was used with permission.

Written permission on file with the U.S. department of Disney� Congress Division.
Not funny?
It’s not supposed to be.

Sooooo true! And all hilarious, in my opinion. (Afterthought: Would it be illegal to re-post a quote about something that someone posted on someone else’s site?) Old post, I know… but, it was hilarious and I came across it looking up some stuff about HDCP. *coughtelescreensforhdtvscough*


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