Posted by: Dante Sangria | December 19, 2008

New Toaru Majutsu no Index OP by Kawada Mami / Upcoming J-Pop Releases

Woo hoo, “double feature,” I’d like to call it…! Haha.

New Toaru Majutsu no Index OP:

Don’t KOTOKO and Kawada Mami usually alternate OP’s and ED’s in the same series? Or is that just with… every series one sings a song for? Okay, not really. But it seems that way. Especially since I happen to be listening to BLAZE by KOTOKO at the moment, randomly. (Or maybe I did ‘cause I’m writing this…?) That doesn’t mean I’m not pleased to have found out that Kawada Mami is doing the *second* OP for Toaru Majutsu no Index as well. As of yet untitled, of course, but the planned release date is 2009/02/04. Looking forward to it, of course, but wondering what the ED will be as well. =) So yeah, no images, other info, or… much, until at least the name of the song is out. Until then…! =P

New and upcoming J-Pop releases:

(…which, of course, I’ve selected among a slew of releases to pick the ones that interested me the most right now)

  1. 20 Nen 200 Kyoku + a Love High Quality CD Box ; Limited Release ; V.A.About 216 songs, including all kinds of well-known (Avex) artists: Ayumi Hamasaki, DO AS INFINITY, OLIVIA, Anna Tsuchiya, DBSK, Ami Suzuki, Hinoi Team, DREAM, Day After Tomorrow, EVERY LITTLE THING, JANNE DA ARC, Namie Amuro, Nanase Aikawa, and, strangely, Sweetbox…? Release date 2009/03/04. Wow.
  2. Hallelujah ; Ltd. Ed. with Postcard and DVD; 12012 – 12012’s latest and eighth single. Limited edition includes a postcard and a DVD with the PV for this song. 2009/02/18. For some reason I keep thinking of Kagrra when I hear “12012,” I can’t figure out why. (Though, a new release from Kagrra would be nice… I don’t know of one, though.)
  3. Miyavi Remixx Album (Room No.382) Remixed By Teddy Loid ; MiyaviMiyavi’s new remix album from DJ Teddy, available December 24. Probably a die-hard overseas same-day-shipping Miyavi fan would get this…. NAH….
  4. memento mori ; BUCK-TICK – New BUCK-TICK album with their newest upcoming singles (including GALAXY). 13 songs total, release date 2009/02/18.
  5. GHOST ; Gackt – ‘Nuff said. Everyone’s favorite, Gackt, is releasing a new single right after his latest Jesus! I can’t wait… I hope he’s entering a period of releasing lots of songs once again, hahaha. Moon Child era was awesome… Album art here. 2009/01/28.

Seems January-February has a pretty good lineup so far, I’m wondering what everyone else’ll be releasing during 1st quarter…. ‘Cause there’s probably those releases that have escaped from my… prowess at finding latest Japanese releases. *Cough.*


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