Posted by: Dante Sangria | December 24, 2008

Toaru Majutsu no Index 12: Level 6 Absolute Power

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The entire episode 12 wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped for. It was predictable, though it finally got around to the point. Reminded me of the Bount Bleach arc….

At the beginning of the episode we see a simplified demonstration of the Schrodinger’s cat experiment. I was amused by it, of course it seemed more of a time killer. However, it did connect the experiment to how Esper abilities exist. Basically, an Esper can change the state of the cat in the box because no one can be sure of the the state of the cat (until they look inside the box/it becomes real), so to speak. Subjective reality, anyone?

Touma confronts Mikoto about the Level 6 plan after a scene where we see Mikoto (by a bridge) thinking of her own sisters’ deaths, and her own desire to not die, to be saved from the experiments. We then hear Kawada Mami’s B-side on the PSI-missing single in the background. She explains the experiments to create a level 6 after defeating 128 railguns, the research facilities she’s tried to destroy (but in vain, for another one takes over the research), and her own inevitable death, which she believes can stop the experiment and save her sisters. Apparently on her way to Accelerator, which she realized she couldn’t defeat, she tries to remove Touma from her path who tries to stop her from running to her death. However, he doesn’t have an alternative plan with a “happily ever after,” and he admits that. However, once the experiment is over, it’s over: the Tree Diagram satellite had been knocked out by an “unknown ground attack” the week before.

After a few attack scenes by Mikoto that should be enough to blow up the bridge or knock out another satellite or something, Touma blocks the attacks (or something) from a strange stance, reminiscent of the Vitruvian Man. I wonder why he’s not using his right hand to block? It’s kind of weird, maybe more/less effective. I don’t know.

Eventually, after a massive attack, Mikoto fails to kill Touma. Completely dumbfounded and now feeling defeated (and perhaps sorry for Touma, who seems a fool to try to stop her even though she becomes convinced to kill him as she has over 10,000 people), she can’t muster up enough courage to finally destroy Touma who still can prop himself up after that attack. He concludes that he needs to find a way that she won’t have to die, that he needs to convince the scientists that their experiment isn’t worth it as an alternative to stop this madness.

Next episode, they will confront Accelerator. I guess Touma will attempt to negotiate there, but then again, negotiations are two-sided and he’ll probably realize this in the upcoming battle (which we see some nice scenes from~). Accelerator looks like a crazed Mello + Near combination from Death Note….


I think the Misaka arc will end in a few episodes, then back to the main story. Woo hoo. But at least it’ll make for an interesting turn of events in the next episode, though this one was too much of a filler and unprogressive to the story as a whole (because even though I don’t mind Mikoto’s story, it’s been long enough… weeks – and Touma’s only been out for what, one night so far?!). And I wonder how powerful Mikoto’s attacks are, and what they’ll do to stop Accelerator next episode.

By the way: Merry Christmas (and happy new year), everyone~!

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