Posted by: Dante Sangria | December 25, 2008

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Episode 12

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The episode opens showing middle-school girl Bitou Nozomi that works to help keep her mother’s food stand going, and her middle-school classmate Nomura who works there for money. Evidently the boy is easily frustrated. Evidently so, because as he arrives home he sees that another resident has parked their bike in “his” space. This pisses him off, and he goes to his computer and Wacom to depict these people meeting misfortune. He prints stickers out and pastes them on a poster on his wall of a girl in a skimpy bikini (rather – enough to give him a nosebleed…). After this ritual he returns to his computer for some more manga illustration.

These stickers are in a race to the top of the girl (her chest, anyway): whoever earns enough stickers by making the boy mad will earn a number of stickers. The “winner” is sent to hell.

The next day we find out Nomura is obsessed with a girl named Kokoro, who is dating another guy. Evidently he doesn’t like the guy…. But of course…! Nozomi notices a disturbance in his attitude while he is preparing their food.

During the preparation he has a fantasy of Nozomi and has a nosebleed, and when Jigoku Shoujo’s assistant whose name escapes me(the boy, who has to call Kikuri “hime”) asks if he’s had too much chocolate, creepily enough Wanyuudou mentions that it’s something called “youth,” whilst removing his hat and showing off his gleaming head (something like gleaming teeth, except it’s his bald head). Somehow I can’t see Wanyuudou… well, anyways.

Nomura returns home, smashing more stickers when he sees his spot taken again. He draws more of his manga characters begging for redemption from their suffering, apparently well-deserved – or so Nomura thinks. The heroine of his manga is a girl in a maid outfit, resembling Nozomi who he has taken a liking to. Soon he’s able to submit his manga to a contest….

After a few more you-piss-me-off sequences (ugh…) he goes to a bookstore to see that his manga indeed has won. His mood is greatly lifted and he removes some stickers because he feels like being nice.

Afterward he asks Nozomi to see a movie with him, sort of like a date. Her friends don’t seem impressed with him, of course. Can’t blame ‘em.

Returning home on his beloved bike he comes across a bridge, and on it Kokoro is preparing to jump off, because she found out her boyfriend had three other girlfriends. She divulges all the details to him and what she’s afraid of, and he does his best to try and comfort her. He returns home, triumphant at his victory, but her boyfriend (or ex, rather) reaches the top of the race. He goes to Jigoku Tsuushin to send him to hell, but apparently it isn’t working. Reason being, Jigoku Shoujo was standing behind him, ready to send him to hell because of Kokoro, who was afraid that he would tell everyone and as a result make a fool out of her.

Nomura’s hell sequence is by far one of the most creative and funny ever – and I definitely don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen this episode yet. So go see it!

That’s all, folks. We see a sad Nozomi in a circle of friends, devastated that he has disappeared, or run away due to unknown circumstances…. A short sequence shows Kokoro with a new boyfriend, who goes to the beach with her, and upon leaving asks her to wear a bikini next time. Evidently he’s a manwhore, too. Hehe. And, of course, she’s concerned about her new “tattoo”….


This episode wasn’t as in-depth as I would’ve preferred. It’s another “grudge-of-the-week” like many episodes, and there’s not so many Yuzuki scenes. I hope the next episode – which looks fairly… promising – shows more of Yuzuki and her endeavors (such as…?!) in order to develop the storyline more.

I loved the parodies and the scene where Nomura is sent to hell. It’s definitely a great twist to the episode and made it worth it. Some of which I won’t spoil for you. And I loved the absence of the “butterfly” sequence.

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  1. This episode actually made me laugh out loud. Helped me to get rid of some stress when I watched the rest of it. ^w^

    • Indeed. I loved the ending, but the episode as a whole was comical. TATANIC ftw! XD


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