Posted by: Dante Sangria | January 13, 2009

Toaru Majutsu no Index Episode 14 – Strongest Versus Weakest

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This episode is a continuation of the battle between Touma and Accelerator, which looked very promising, albeit dragged on as much as a Bleach main battle or whatnot over the last couple of eps. Oh, well. Despite this, the episode was pretty good:


At the beginning of the episode, we basically see Touma getting cornered and nearly destroyed by Accelerator, especially using the dust explosion. Touma’s crowned as the first to push him to a near-death situation. Among other things, Touma blocks a would-be fatal attack with a punch using his right hand, and Accelerator gets his game on – Touma basically pounds him down with his right hand. The rest of the fight is more or less a brawl, it’s not very flashy or anything. Touma gives his speech about the clones, and Accelerator gets fed up with such talk. He sucks up the air with a… very… strange mouth noise reminiscent of the mouth noises that a baby makes, and … compresses air, or something.

At this point, our heroine of the day (not), Misaka arrives (the real one) and wants to stop Accelerator. But she comes to the conclusion that there is no solution where everyone could survive. So she tries to counter his compression attack, but he turns it into an ever-expanding ball of plasma. With no way to stop this attack, our little friend Schrodinger helps Misaka find Misaka #2, who she asks one first and one last request of: to help her with fulfilling Touma’s wish of defeating Accelerator so that everyone would surive. Thus, since Accelerator’s plasma was formed with wind, all the Misaka #2 clones control separate wind turbines to blow the wind in a different direction, causing the ball of plasma to diminish as he apparently “miscalculated” the direction of wind. This technique successfully counters his plasma, and the beaten-up Touma is able to block Accelerator’s charge with a powerful punch that renders them both immobile. Nothing Kurokami-style, though. XD

Touma awakens in a hospital bed with Misaka #2 sitting on his bedside, where she is feeling his pulse as his hand is placed on her chest, and experiences a… very unnecessary “happy” event. Well, necessary, but, you know. During this scene, we discover that because of Misaka #2’s accelerated growth hormones, she has a limited life span. Even though the experiment has been suspended and the hormones will be slowed, it may still have alot of effect on her lifespan. Poor Touma.

In the morning, Misaka arrives with some expensive-looking cookies for Touma, who apparently wishes for home-made cookies which we know is out of lign with Misaka’s characteristics, and ability…. He tells her that her sister stopped by this morning. Although she looks saddened by it, Touma encourages her, by telling her that she should be proud that they were given life because of her, and that they don’t hate her for what others did to them. Which… wasn’t necessarily profound, but, even so it was apparently comforting to her.

Later that day, Touma’s hospital door slides open as a mysterious point of view is shown. Index’s mischevious smile flashes across the screen, and gives Touma a shock when he wakes up with her on top of him. He maddens her and she basically chomps his head in one bite, in a hilarious sort of chibi way.  (Just like the Shakugan no Shana specials where Shana sits on Yuji’s head while eating! Except, unlike Shana, Index kills two birds with one stone and just eats the head of her own “Yuji”…). But she tells him that he burdens himself with too much, and that he needs to come to her more often. In the end, the fight was probably for himself he says; to learn more about himself.

And at last we come to the end of this chapter… which shows Misaka returning to her… manager, and Schrodinger and Misaka #2 who we see actually smiles. (Even though she was “programmed” not to, haha I guess that’s the point though.)


PHEW! That was long. I gotta sum it up better as these episodes start to pack more – okay, my fault entirely. =P Next episode?! Is… a beachside/hot springs episode. Can we ever escape?! I haven’t seen a single anime in the longest time that didn’t show a beach or a hot spring…! Oh, well. I’m sure the lot of you don’t mind. 😉 In any case, is Touma… adopted? I didn’t get the gist of what the preview was. It should be interesting, or a filler, or both. A less gloomy, and summery theme would be a welcome change for this dead of winter though! Yay!

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