Posted by: Dante Sangria | January 23, 2009

Toaru Majutsu no Index 15 – Angel Fall

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The gist of this episode: Basically, Touma is going to meet his parents (for the first time since he lost his memory!). What to expect?! This episode definitely had its share of laugh-out-loud moments and (minor ; ) fanservice, as well as introducing new characters to the mix as Touma tries to find out what’s going on, and what “Angel Fall” is.


The rendezvous is a beachside inn. Nice, right? Kind of typical, but nice. He’s with Index, just chillin’ on the beach when she comes up with a funny “hat” for him, and squishes it on his head as wee see a sign for “giant jellyfish.” Touma is rushed for treatment by the innkeeper, and they get a call from Touma’s parents that their arrival will be delayed until the next morning. Index seems more disappointed than Touma (but of course…).

The night before, he crawls into bed (he is sharing a separated room with Index) wondering what to expect. He bit off more than he can chew, with that. When he wakes up, Index is still under her blankets, but as he trudges down the steps he realizes that the inn-keeper and his wife are not who they were the day before! Ignoring this, he heads out to meet his parents anyway.

He meets his father running up a hill, and doesn’t recognize him, so his father is surprised and somewhat confused. Nonetheless, he gets a gift from his father – apparently a world-traveler, who went recently to India. All of a sudden Touma’s (cousin?!) Otohime-chan charges up the hill and tackles Touma – however, she looks exactly like Misaka! Soon follows Touma’s mother – who, surprisingly looks like Index…! Thinking this is all some big joke, Touma storms back inside the inn, nearly running into a Misaka sister – who is also confused as he accuses her of scheming. Frustrated and enraged, wait – no! His frustration and rage is greatly disturbed and interrupted by the sight of… Index! Finally emerging from their upstairs room we see … Gasp!

… >.<

After many strange beach events I shan’t spoil, he storms back – yet again – to the hotel, where he sees his doctor as a news anchorman, and Komori-sensei as a reporter. Apparently, the President’s address is on TV and… well…. So, Touma begins to see that it’s not a prank. That everyone is changed. Even Otohime-chan doesn’t realize she looks different than in a photo on her phone.

Taking some time out to think and go for a walk, he encounters a red and very… dangerous-looking, blade-toting and red-costumed magician (from the Russian Orthodox Church, Annihilatus). Apparently this girl magician (Misha Kreuzhev) assumes he is the spellcaster of interest that she is looking for – but then he encounters Kanzaki Kaori and Tsuchimikado Motoharu as well, who both consider this possibility. They, too, realize that everyones’ apperances are switched – due to a large-scale spell. After proving his right hand cancels magic despite the fact that he is an Esper (level 0, at that!), his name is cleared from suspicion.

Sitting down to drinks they discuss the spell, dubbed “Angel Fall.” They refer to the Tree of Sephiroth, a tree diagram of spiritual ranks, including angels and humans. Apparently, when an angel falls from a rank (creating a void on this tree that needs to be filled), appearance and content of the world becomes distorted. Such a large spell apparently takes more than one spellcaster. Touma is left in wonderment, as the episode closes….

Next episode! “Kamijyou Touma.” Searching for the spellcaster, Touma goes to his father’s place and finds…?!

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In the direction that this episode is headed, it seems that Touma’s fast on the track back to working with magicians – thank goodness, that little Misaka deviation from the main plot is over.

I liked the deviation from the normal of this episode, as they tried to utilize the stereotypical hot-springs-and-beach-where-nothing-ever-happens, for plot development. Hopefully we get to see some magic action next episode, and that Touma starts getting back his pre-memory loss knack for it, ’cause I miss the cunning and smart Touma.

Let me know what you think of this episode! (Or if you just plain think I got it all wrong!) =P

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  1. Hehe well, Touma is still pretty cunning and smart. He lost his memories but not his personality. 😉

    I agree with you that I also looked forward to the return of magicians. As much as I liked the Misaka/Accelerator arc, magicians have a lot more going for them compared to espers, especially kickass sorcery names. 😀

    • Haha, yes. Though it seems he’s lost some of his cunning after the first few episodes. >_< But, he’s still very much the same guy. =P Espers will definitely play more of a role somehow regarding magicians, perhaps esper-magician battles? I wouldn’t know. But seeing as more espers aren’t on the level of magicians, I don’t know. It’d be dangerous to do both, like we see in episode 16. (Though Touma would lose much of his characteristic backbone if he did use magic.)

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