Posted by: Dante Sangria | January 31, 2009

Kurokami Episode 3 – Synchro and the Evil Sensei of Tribal End!

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Wow – this episode was rather entertaining. After the contract between Kuro and Keita we find out their hearts have been switched, and they need to "synchro[nize]" for a few days so their hearts can be in tune. In order to do so, they need to be physically close, almost attached at the hip, so to speak. But as Keita wanders off to school the following day, we discover something disturbing about those around Keita. (On a side note, I hope that there’s no love triangle in this…! >.< In lieu of Akane’s seemingly jealous embarrassments.)

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Once again we find Kuro in Keita’s apartment, clothes tattered and eating raw ramen. (Good, but very salty… well, when you eat it with the flavor packet – other than that, it’s kind of boring and dry. Anyone out here ever tried it? Haha. 😉

Kuro starts by saying she started breakfast alone, and remarks that their hearts are highly "compatible"  and that despite his apparent recovery he shouldn’t leave her side for a few days in order for their hearts to be completely integrated, or else they’ll have difficulties in abilities as hers will diminish. We discover that inside Keita is now Kuro’s heart, and… Keita’s heart is in Kuro’s chest as she demonstrates by lifting her shirt to reveal a scar. Of course, meanwhile, Akane walks in, greeted happily by Kuro as if nothing is wrong.

After a helicopter conversation where we see the two mysterious people from last episode (the girl is named Excel), who are discussing the production of more "Master Roots," they decide to investigate this by following the strong Tera that Excel senses.

During lunch, Keita’s bento gets taken by our ever-hungry superhuman heroine Kuro. They are discussing contracts, which are formed by an exchange of body parts (presumably hearts). By rule, contracts are formed with chosen humans. If the people in the contract "synchro," they unleash more powerful abilities, which we kind of saw in the previous episode after they finished forming the contract and were attacked by Seiji, the evil-Ryuk (Death Note)-looking-man. For the first time, Kuro tells Akane about Mototsumitama and their abilities, and the switching of hearts, but Akane is not really convinced and is embarrassed that she referenced the exchange of "hearts" between Kuro and Keita. (The scars on both their chests are proof, but Akane gets embarrassed as Kuro bares Keita’s scar, spilling hot tea all over the table and herself.)

Members from Tribal End, rather those creating (and accidentally killing!) members of Tribal End, discuss the death of Seiji, and order a search for Kuro.

Keita’s teacher calls Keita’s house saying he received a call that one of his students was in a fight last night, so he asks Keita if he wants to go out to eat. Creepily enough, Sensei is right outside of Keita’s apartment.

After some dialogue, Kuro reveals that her (their) combat abilities due to a newly formed contract are a mess, and she wants to sleep with (I’m assuming, next to…) Keita in order to promote the integration of their hearts. Akane is more than embarrassed, kind of shocked, hurriedly saying that she can’t possibly "sleep with" Keita and even goes to say that she’ll sleep over that night…. (Probably just to make sure they actually don’t sleep together, haha 😉 If they don’t synchro, however, Kuro’s abilities will begin to diminish.

The next day, Akane, Keita and Kuro all go out shopping to replace Kuro’s tattered clothes. Returning on the train, Excel and her mysterious tall friend drive on an overpass above the tracks, and Excel suddenly remarks that she just sensed a powerful Tera, from a Mototsumitama.

Later, despite Kuro’s desire that they shouldn’t separate too far, Keita heads out to school. At the same time, multi-monitor-man is asked by Hiyou about the production of Master Roots. (At this point, I kind of think that if Honey-senpai from Ouran High School Host Club grew up, he’d look something like multi-monitor-man whose name hasn’t been revealed in the show yet.) Back at Keita’s apartment, some Tribal Ends come for Kuro, whose abilities are diminished due to the contract and distance from Keita, but she manages to escape. She runs to Keita’s school and finds Keita, where they are then encountered by Keita’s sensei – who turns out to be with Tribal End! (Due to the contract, Keita and Kuro share pain, though.)

I kind of feel bad for the teacher, I don’t know why. Until he puts on that creepy sado-masochist look. Ugh. Thus, a battle ensues between Kuro and Sensei, but Kuro’s performance poor. I’m disgusted with Keita: I understand he may be in pain, but he didn’t even jump in to help Kuro. He just sprays him with a fire extinguisher – very effective for extinguishing people, indeed….

The lack of battle music during their escape and next fight helps the battle seem more realistic. Here we discover that Sensei had hoped that Keita could become a Master Root – different than "monkeys" like Yamada, Keita’s friend at the beginning of the show who was used and killed in order to help make a Master Root. Unfortunately for Sensei, this eggs Keita on and because Keita’s will to fight he and Kuro successfully synchro, showing the symbols burned in their hands. Sensei is thrown out the window, teeth knocked out and all, smacked into the sidewalk in front of a couple of schoolgirls who shriek in fright (can’t blame ’em, he looks like Gunther here!).

Kuro and Keita run off, and the episode ends.

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BASICALLY, this episode just creates more mystery for the series as a whole, while bringing some basic… fanservice to the table which is kind of… blegh. But, whatever the public wants gets put out there eh? Hahaha. The teacher’s expressions are truly priceless. One is left wondering what "Master Roots" are and how they’re … made?

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