Posted by: Dante Sangria | February 1, 2009

Toaru Majutsu no Index Episode 17 – Angel Fall – GAME OVER! / New OP – Masterpiece – Kawada Mami

I lost the entire original review just now, so I’m… rewriting it. *Sigh* Oh well! Okay, here goes!

New OP is featured in this episode (!) by the way, by Kawada Mami. More from Kawada. I’d be happy if I weren’t disappointed that KOTOKO hasn’t been doing anything jointly with Kawada lately. Poor decision on I’ve’s part, in my opinion! But the song isn’t anything to write home about, I kind of prefer “PSI-missing” than this new song, “Masterpiece.” And the previous video.

vlcsnap-498785 vlcsnap-499139 vlcsnap-499679 vlcsnap-500100 vlcsnap-500804 vlcsnap-501528


Touma confronts his father, accusing him of getting involved in the occult. His father admits to it, and we now basically reveal that he cast Angel Fall in his occultry. However, he got involved in the occult to help his son, because Touma had always been looked down upon by those around him because since he was a child because he brought misfortune to everyone around him. Misha appears, who then tries to attack Touma’s father using a spell with monstrous destructive potential capable of killing many people, but is stopped by Kanzaki (who asks Touma to save her, as he did Index back then). Here we discover that Misha is not Misha’s name, but she is merely an impersonator of Sasha Kruschev of the Russian church. Touma is now tasked with escaping with his father while finding a way to dispel Angel Fall.

Touma and Touya run to the hotel, where he sees “Index” and his “cousin” asleep, as if by a sedative or a spell…. After searching around, they are confronted by Tsuchimikado, who tells Touma that he must kill his father in order to deactivate Angel Fall. Here we discover that Touya is indeed the spellcaster, but doesn’t know it. Both Touma and his father attempt to brawl with Tsuchimikado (who can’t use magic because it will kill him), but are miserably beat up. Tsuchimikado then casts a spell to eliminate the spell site (which is more difficult) instead of eliminating Touya (easier route) as his victims are both disabled and on the ground. Knowing this will end his life, he tells Touma that even to push Tsuchimikado to such lengths that he is aware of, but with such resolve, is why Touma is worth protecting.

After the spell is cast, Kanzaki is relieved as she’s been saved from the wrath of Misha. Touma comes to, and sees Tsuchimikado, dead and in a pool of blood on the ground…. Next, we see Touma in his favorite hospital bed with a welcome-back note, as he ponders what the point of Tsuchimikado’s death is – as he shockingly comes in Touma’s room! Tsuchimikado’s level 0 psychic ability, we find out, is body regeneration, and he’s also a compulsive liar: he won’t die from another spell, or even another, another, etc…! And…! He’s not really a spy in Academy City. Or for the British, or whoever else he says….

Touma’s parents come in, and Touma sees his mother for the first time. They convey to him their gladness that he’s alive – even though their house is now destroyed by a mysterious explosion (aka Tsuchimikado’s spell…). They’re working on rebuilding it, and are moving back into their old apartment.

A scared and vengeful Index then comes in from a hiding spot behind the wall, and…

vlcsnap-501830 vlcsnap-502008 vlcsnap-502107

Next episode! A guy is obsessed with Misaka, so she and Touma pretend to be lovers…! Wouldn’t Index be jealous? Oh, well – looks like a fun (albeit pointless! – but we need such episodes sometimes) episode.


Lots of protein for character and story development here, mmm…. (It’s just gotta get turned into muscle!) Which is good, of course: Tsuchimikado, Kanzaki owing Touma another one, and basically just major character background development. Hooray! [EDIT]: Okay, so maybe not as major as I would hope. But, I can definitely say I’m not disappointed. 🙂

vlcsnap-502436 vlcsnap-502681 vlcsnap-503045



  1. Episode had…too much…verbal exposition lol.

    But the action was really good. 😀

    Ahaha please ignore my whining. 😉

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    • I’ve… not updated in a long time. Haven’t been watching Index, or any of those anime – Index went downhill, hardcore. As did Jigoku Shoujo, and I haven’t been watching anime for the sake of review lately. Been working on a… *gasp* visual novel type project for fun – hopefully a beta will be done soon, but yeah been slacking on that too. ; P Thanks, comments like yours refresh my desire to write, actually. =)


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