Posted by: Dante Sangria | June 5, 2009

Eden of the East Episode 8 Review

shot0010 shot0012 shot0002 shot0004 shot0005 shot0007

Takizawa screams out to “Johnny!!!” from his nightmare, shooting upright in his couch. Seeing Saki there, he asks about Ohsugi, who is doing okay and apparently didn’t have anything to do with the whole hotel scheme. Saki reassures him that no one else was at the hotel when she arrived. Sure….

Soon we see Ohsugi in his trademark yellow hoodie, ranting at everyone for the preposterous claim that he met the “Johnny Hunter,” and his anger further stirred by the exposure of his “usual” singles’ message board. (Densha Otoko, anyone?) Apparently, that pedo picked up Ohsugi’s bag while he was at a company training “drinking party.”


– Don’t get it? [link] [link] [link]

After Ohsugi leaves, he spots Takizawa and Saki walking together, and jealously watches them from afar. Here we can imagine him sitting in a corner, writing something along the lines of [Old-fashioned love poem about a guy being in love with a girl far away, or an unreachable girl, or whatever]. Thereafter he snaps a stalkerish pic of… Takizawa(?!) with his phone for his private collection and uploads it to Eden, where Takizawa isn’t registered.

Apparently, Big Brother is everywhere, in this anime! Hence, my blog title! Gotta love it!!! Eden cattle-tags everyone, or something, and links them to a satellite where their every movement can be tracked, and anyone from any angle can be identified, short of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

Later, Takizawa returns to the Eden clubroom, with his “other” cell phone which he wishes to repair – and is referred to a guy named “Pantsu” (Panties), who lost his last pair of pants to the wind and has since become a shut-in. Takizawa then leaves, and Mittan is taken along as bait, and Saki comes along for some extra brownie points.

While they board the train, Ohsugi discovers that Takizawa uses many names, and conflicting messages appear on Eden. Thinking something terrible is underway or that Takizawa is some kind of terrorist, he quickly reports to the club. Mittan is told to check out Takizawa’s old mail on his phone. Of course, Saki is also quite suspicious and wants to discover what Takizawa’s cell phone is all about.

shot0013 shot0014 shot0015 shot0016 shot0018

Upon arriving at Pantsu’s place, we see his nameplate by his door; the kanji for his name (板津豊, Itazu Yutaka)can also be read as “Pantsu.” Pantsu makes Micchon and Saki run him an errand, and Takizawa gains access to Pantsu’s room by bribing him with information about the missing NEET, Selecao, and the recent events – nothing short of the notorious Johnny Hunter (“City Hunter! City Hunter!”), of course! See if you can guess why Saki and Micchon don’t wanna go in his room. ; P

Can someone say…


On a side note, this guy drinks a lot less beer than Tatsuhiro Satou. Some hikikomori, pfft.

The episode ends with a strange and creepy smile from Takizawa, his eyes glinting in the dim light as he stares at Pantsu, handing over his cell phone.

shot0020 shot0021

Look at these pictures in rapid succession
(for a preview of Episode 9)…!

Next episode I’ve already previewed (it’s quite interesting+funny – I won’t spoil it), but it’s not subbed yet – I’ll wait ‘til then. However, I will be gone for a week- nonetheless I’ll still try to watch the episode and write up on it. Until then!



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