Posted by: Dante Sangria | June 15, 2009

Eden of the East Episode 10


The episode begins with Saki, Micchan and Takizawa boarding the shinkansen (bullet train) back home – however, Takizawa steps out at the last minute due to an urgent message from another Selecao.

Again, Ohsugi tries to warn Saki via e-mail of Takizawa. Takizawa confronts Selecao 01 at the subway, discovering he is apparently a “hero.” Bribed with discovering his past, a way to end the game, and the reason he erased his memories, Takizawa follows Mononobe Daiju (Selecao 01).

Before Takizawa walks to the exit with Mononobe, Saki calls him, and asks him what’s going on. Revealing to him that she knows the truth, that his phone is special, the woman in the hotel room, and that she suspects the Selecao of causing Careless Monday, he leaves her on the line as he himself is trying to discover his own identity. In case he is a criminal, he says, she will know and he can be out of her life….

shot0002 shot0003 shot0004 shot0005

Micchan soon arrives and listens in to the convo with Saki….

Ohsugi and the gang are at Takizawa’s place, looking at the piles of cell phones and positing that Takizawa has some relation to the missing NEETs. They discover Takizawa didn’t go with Micchan and Saki, after a phone call.

Everyone soon receives e-mails from Itazu (…), sent to their phones and the Eden server, containing data too large for their phones to process.

Meanwhile, Mononobe tells Takizawa that his name is only an alias. He also reveals that Ato Saizo of the ATO Company is Mr. Outside, which is a pun on his actual name. Then again, there wouldn’t be anyone else, apparently, with enough power and influence to set up such a game in Japan. Ato Saizo prided himself with setting the foundation for modern Japan. Looking at the standstill of the country, he decided he wanted to test it, and once again influence dramatic change in Japan.

However, at the start of the game, Ato Saizo was diagnosed with cancer, and is now most likely dead.

Mononobe plans to win this game by becoming Mr. Outside himself. He will also take Juiz…! For himself. Creepy bastard. Perhaps… for…

…Well, I mean… she does fulfill requests, after all; but as you might recall from any episode featuring “JOHNNY!!!” we know that there are some crazy Selecao we wouldn’t doubt would prevent things from getting out of hand! (Of course, if the above un-aforementioned were a possibility we’d have a doujin-style Selecao vs. Selecao! >_>)

shot0017 shot0007 shot0008 shot0009 shot0011 shot0013 shot0016

Soon Mononobe and Takizawa arrive at the ATO Institute’s research facility (Ato Harima Neuro Science Institute). We find out that Mononobe left his previous job, and thus worked for Ato’s company, gaining an executive position and much influence in the company. Also, he has two Selecao on his team. Selecao 10, Yuuki, who fired the 11 missiles (Careless Monday). The other Selecao’s name is Tsuji, but other than that he remains quiet and mysterious.

Mononobe tries to treat himself to a victory reward. He asks Juiz, of course… but Mononobe soon reveals that the large room in which they stand (reminiscent of Star Wars Episode 1’s Duel of the Fates room) is, in fact, “Juiz” herself.

Soon should follow the Selecao duking it out with lightsabers and Force powers, like an Excel parody minus the Puchuus. But… then again there wouldn’t be too many of you out there (save myself of course, if I may consider myself to be “out there”) who would exactly enjoy this….

Anyways – back to the ATO Institute. No one else except for the Selecao and the late Mr. Outside actually know what it is for. And another surprise for Takizawa: Tomorrow at 8 AM, the country will be struck with missiles again. This time, with… 60 missiles. This is apparently supposed to awaken people to realize the importance of things to them, and the corruption of the society and irresponsibility of the government, with the happiness of the people to take care of.

The last Selecao, Tsuji, still has his remaining 10 billion yen. It may have something to do with the 60 missiles, but as of yet we don’t know why. He may just be stingy. In any case, Yuuki warns Takizawa not to get in the way of things again, as he apparently had in the past. The Selecao then reveal to Takizawa the reason he wiped his memory: because he was betrayed by everyone around him – even those who he helped, and was being helped by.

shot0019 shot0020 shot0024shot0021 shot0025 shot0026shot0027

Above: The gang looking at Itazu’s data. Little did he know his secret Loli stash was attached to that e-mail too. A distraction outside, however, causes them to realize the masses of NEET flooding off the ships, and they run in horror. Apparently, NEET have uniquely magic white sex organs complete with scribblies. But after years of seclusion, maybe that’s just white mold….

Back at the Eden club, the data from Itazu is finally processed. Yet again they suspect Takizawa of releasing the Tomahawk missiles on Careless Monday, but before they can examine further a crash outside shakes the building. As they peek outside, they soon rush back in and run for their lives as shipping containers full of hundreds of naked people break free of containers, charge toward Takizawa’s mall in a mad dash while screaming bloody murder…!!!

…Here, one might not want to think about how those containers smell, or the contents or actions therein. But of course now that I’ve said it, you will begin to imagine in detail…

A pink-haired woman serves the celebratory treat – an empty bottle of celebration. Is..! This…! Jeopardy! Juiz?! Her voice sounds similar, and she is very secretary-esque.

Selecao 12, for 9,999,995,000 yen, has just moved Juiz to a hidden location.

Who is this Selecao 12? The Supporter?! Mr. Outside?!

And is Juiz a room, supercomputer, or a person? Or… The Matrix…!

Slipping out, we see Takizawa board a train, and the episode ends. How emo, this Takizawa fellow. And he thinks it’s some suave James Bond-esque technique, pshaw.


Undoubtedly, this episode progresses to be one of the most interesting yet, albeit not as dramatic as episode 9 (in my opinion). Things from hereon out will probably progress just as significantly.

I don’t know how many episodes this anime has, but things are really closing in. I shall look this up, but it seems to be shorter than I would’ve thought originally by how fast things are moving all of a sudden. Secrets are being revealed, the Naked NEET are back (“1984,” the movie, anyone?!), and everything seems to be coming together as the game seems to be coming to an end due to the mysterious 12th Selecao, who may be Mr. Outside – or, the Supporter….

The ending was rather… interesting, anyways. Those NEET – after all this time, why are they naked? With such a small army and the frightfully naked barbarian tactic, can’t they raid and pillage whole towns and villages? And what do they plan on doing at Takizawa’s house? That they haven’t been able to do in their… um… shipping containers, of course. Amidst the mold and all. (Takizawa is a NEET too, according to my theory as evidenced by episodes 1 and 10. Let’s not even talk about Pantsu.)

Juiz Theories: – What is Juiz?!

  • A genie.
  • An irresistible, yet slutty assistant of Mr. Outside.
  • A supercomputer able to control the world, and peoples’ minds. And, most importantly, spoon bending.
  • A room. No, The room. Silent Hill 4 style.

Phew! Extra long review today. I hope you are all enjoying this series as much as I am. =)



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