Posted by: Dante Sangria | June 15, 2009

Gackt 4 New Singles – Weekly Summer Releases!

Starting with June 7th’s Koakuma Heaven, Gackt will be releasing 4 singles total (3 remaining) practically weekly, as follows:

  1. Koakuma Heaven (June 7)
    B-Side: “My Father’s Day”
  2. Faraway ~Hoshi ni Negai wo~ [Faraway 〜星に願いを〜] (June 17)
    B-Side: “Oblivious ~Kao no Nai Tenshi~” [Oblivious 〜顔のない天使]
  3. Lost Angel (June 24)
    B-Sides: “No Reason”, “Suddenly”
  4. Flower (July 7)
    B-Side: “In Flames”

(Credits to StyleJapan blog for providing the list of singles, I was too lazy to make my own list.)

This first single, Koakuma Heaven, if you haven’t heard it already, is more upbeat and exceedingly perverted. The lyrics booklet also contains Japanese emoticons…! The B-Side for this single isn’t written for Gackt’s own father, however. Surprisingly, huh? It was written for the death of Ogata Ken, a role model (or father figure of sorts) for Gackt.

All this is in preparation for Gackt’s solo project’s 10 year anniversary! Now, I think he needs to do something to remember his pre-solo project – i.e. Malice Mizer. Now wouldn’t that be awesome. But I suppose in lieu of these releases I should be grateful, and hopefully something like we haven’t heard from Gackt in a while will come up as his direction as of late hasn’t been as… like the Gackt we know, for all his “older” but most famous hits.



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