Posted by: Dante Sangria | June 21, 2009

Eden of the East 11 [End] Review

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The episode begins with everyone talking about Takizawa, while the situation in Toyosu remains – the flood of NEET…! Micchon decides to head over, because the data sent from Pantsu will be interpreted faster.

Ohsugi is at it again, blaming Takizawa for the misfortune of the NEET. However, Saki tells us that after Takizawa received the phone, he organized a group of citizens he met on the net to evacuate the 20,000 using almost-illegal methods.

Because of the speculation surrounding the evacuation events, Takizawa gathered NEETs under various aliases and said he committed the missile attack, so all the hatred would be focused on him. After that, the NEET were sent to Dubai. In his despair over having to revert to such an option (which I’m still confused about his options anyway), he wiped his memory.

How did Saki figure this all out, anyway? Anyways, since the Eden gang have the missile attacks in Itazu’s data, they decided to post it on the Internet. However, the “Zombies” have taken over the data!!!

The suggestion of getting… naked in order to obtain the laptop from the already-naked NEET is… well, one they go with. “Where does a wise man hide a leaf?” Haha. However, the arrival of Saki and Micchon causes quite a disturbance as they decide to run through the hordes of Zombie NEET.

The laptop is stolen by the three guys, including Ohsugi. This, in combination with their clearly non- tanned skin (as opposed to the rest that worked hard in Dubai), blows their cover and they are forced to run from NEET. Only Ohsugi escapes, running into Micchon and Saki… ’nuff said >_> Quickly Micchon gets to work on the data.

Soon, everyone’s phone in Toyosu rings (as the NEET have all recovered their phones), and an image of Takizawa in a live video feed appears on-screen as he says that he will kill those who accused him, in another missile attack!!! And the Eden group, since they know the reason for Careless Monday. And for those who still want their Johnny, to assemble on the roof for a chance at survival….

…This is unexpected of Takizawa! I’m hoping there was a tactic to this.

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Back to the other Selecao who we saw at the end of last episode: Juiz was moved, so Mononobe (Selecao 1) continues to search for Mr. Outside.

Meanwhile, Saki, Micchon, Ohsugi, and the other lady from Eden sneak onto the elevator (the stairs were flooded with NEET), having to fight off some zombie-esque NEET from the door. Takizawa steps in to help them.

Following is a comment about Ohsugi having balls, like Takizawa had imagined…

…I know, I know – but that still doesn’t help how it sounds. Haha…!

Saki expresses her faith in Takizawa, by asking him if he has once more portrayed the villain in order to save everyone. This hits a spot in Takizawa, and his expression becomes sort sadly relieved.

While the rest are on the elevator, Saki takes Takizawa’s hand and he brings her to the roof.  He explains how the data was sent by Itazu and that he figured it would have lead them to Toyosu. Then, he addresses the NEET. He tells them to post how to shoot down the missiles on the Eden site; then remarking to Saki how much of a miraculous effort that they can pull together, just like on Careless Monday, without whom he couldn’t have saved the people.

He talks to Juiz, and the best way to shoot down the missiles on the Eden site was chosen. As the missiles are launched, the counterattack is launched.

Following is a very… cool scene… with a very bad… although befitting… song.

grab20487 grab20853 grab21982
grab22263 grab23338 grab23697
grab24476 grab24629 grab24738

Yes, in the bottom-center, those are all naked NEET.

Ohsugi and the gang watch in amazement at Takizawa’s effort. Even Itazu, who’s lying in the hospital. (Hooray! I thought he was dead! Actually it would’ve been more dramatic that way.) And we see the other Selecao, who merely think of it as Takizawa being in time, that destruction will see Japan soon enough. Some missile debris fall around, and Saki and Takizawa manage to be knocked down but unharmed.

Takizawa calls Juiz. Pretending to be a terrorist won’t be a good enough cover-up for this big an event, he says, and he wants to use the remaining money to become the king of Japan. Slipping the Selecao phone into Saki’s pocket, Takizawa stands with her as they look at the sky from the rooftop.

Now he’s become Saki’s prince, after all.


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Awesome. Just awesome.

Ironically, at the end, we find that despite everyone’s efforts, Takizawa – though he would wish to avoid it if possible – at the end is crowned as a prince/king. Many themes in this anime may be symbolic, take it how you will, but it would be worth some thought and discussion. Anyone got any ideas to share?

This episode ended really quick. It seemed shorter, or was that just me? Lucky to know, there are at least two – and likely three – Eden of the East movies coming out later this year (November 28th)!!!

I don’t know how they could have ended the series better. In my opinion, there was enough mystery left behind, in the other Selecao and their motives, Mr. Outside, and Juiz. Not too much was unsaid, though. Perhaps this could be opportunity for a season 2, but I think that the movies will continue and finish the story.

So much happened in so little space and time in this episode, so I’m not sure what more I can say. Watch it yourself, and if you already have, discuss it here!



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